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Project TitleSite Specific Integration of Recombinant AAV Vector Genomes by Rep68 Protein Expressed on the Surface of AAV Particles
Track Code2016-055
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Recombinant AAV vectors are useful tools for efficient gene delivery and expression of therapeutic genes. To allow for efficient packaging of therapeutic genes into recombinant AAV particles, the normal AAV (rep and cap) genes are removed from the viral genome and the proteins are supplied by plasmids in trans. To allow for efficient delivery of Rep protein in combination with recombinant AAV vector genomes, Researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital have developed a novel way of delivering a functional rep protein into the nucleus for efficient integration of the AAV genome.

TagsAAV, vector, plasmid, recombinant, rep, cap, nucleus
Posted DateSep 25, 2017 3:26 PM


Scott Loiler


Andrew Corris


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